People Against Homosexuality

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                             PAHL (pronounced “pal ”)                 

People Against Homosexual Lifestyles            is a grassroots movement that attempts to work with large coalitions to stop the homosexual movement and to stop legislation promoting   “same-sex” marriage.

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Many people think that the homosexual lifestyle simply involves two people of the same sex that “truly” “love” each other and want nothing more than to spend the rest of their lives together, and that’s why they want “same-sex” marriage.       Nothing could be farther from the truth !!  Lifenow Ministries is offering to present a seminar at churches at their request titled  “Homosexuality in America: Why it’s sinful and wrong.”  At this seminar, many topics will be presented that will expose the real reason that homosexuals want the public to accept their horrid, disgusting lifestyle and allow them to have “same-sex” marriage.  The seminar will include the following topics:

1. Results of homosexuality today   2. Identifying the problem   3.  What to call homosexuals   4. Why homosexuality is an ungodly and unacceptable lifestyle   5. Perils that will be created by this bizarre sinfulness   6. Real reasons for the push for same-sex marriage   6.Legislative attempts to stop “same-sex” marriage   7. Attitude of homosexuals toward Christians   8. Expose the aggressive agenda of the homosexuals   9. Christian godly responses to homosexual excuses   10. Christian plan to check the homosexual movement                        

The goal of the seminar is to inform and educate the public, and to show that the homosexual dangerous and deadly.  If you are unable to attend a seminar, the information is also available in printed form.

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1. Become a member of PAHL   

by E-mailing your  name, phone number with area code, and E-mail address to:  

 PAHL will keep you informed regarding any adverse legislation or actions ocurring                 

 2. Ask your friends and relatives to join our group.  The more people that join, the more we can accomplish and in a shorter time.

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